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Your certificate will be emailed to you upon approval

Terms and Conditions

- Certificate allows a 10% discount in the purchase in any Mackle Corporation Property or service designated in the "Reclaiming the Dream" portfolio, and is subject to availability

- Transfer of this certificate is subject to a $1,000 registration fee payable to Mackle Corporation along with the name and contact information for the new owner.  Otherwise the certificate itself is cancelled

- The owner of the certificate must be listed correctly in Mackle Corporations' files in order for the certificate to be used

- Acceptance is subject to any restriction on the certificate

- This certificate may be altered by Mackle Corporation for any reason

- The intended use of this certificate is to provide a discount on the purchase of property and/or services provided by Mackle Corporation

- Certificate does not expire after use, and may be reused 

- Only one certificate per person may be assigned by Mackle Corporation to any person at any one time

Upon approval, your certificate will be emailed to you

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