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Mackle Corporation

Generations of Building Experience - Cities, Condominiums, Hotels, Homes
Since 1908

About Us

With roots in the Florida construction business dating to 1908, the Mackle Family has ever since been committed to building high-quality, affordable housing. Through public and private companies, the Mackles have built hundreds of thousands of homes and homesites, as well as countless condominiums and civic and retail buildings.


Mackle Corporation represents the fourth consecutive generation of Mackle home builders striving to yet again bring the Florida dream to a new generation of homeowners.  With homesites throughout the state of Florida, Mackle Corporation can make your Florida dream come true.

James Mackle, the President of Mackle Corporation, graduated from Furman University before attending Business School at the University of Miami.  

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Reclaiming the Dream Portfolio

Properties available for sale in our "Reclaiming the Dream Portfolio" will be available for view by certificate holders only.  

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Marco Island

Marco Island is a destination that needs no introduction.  If white sandy beaches is what you're after, then Marco is the place you need to be.

The island was originally developed by the Mackle family.  It is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches and offers access to both the Gulf of Mexico and the magnificent estuaries of the Ten Thousand Islands. This is much more than just another beautiful beach.  You really do need to just come and see for yourself. 

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Lehigh Acres

Lehigh Acres is located in the heart of Lee County.  Lehigh Acres boasts ponds, lakes and canals.....not that a lack of water is an issue.  With the Gulf of Mexico nearby, potential for recreation abound.  If golf is your activity of choice, then you've come to the right place.  Feel free to ask us for a recommendation!  The sun, the warmth, really has it all.  It even has quick access to Southwest Florida International Airport....rated by Mackle Corporation as one of the nicest airports anywhere in the world.  How's that for a claim?


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North Port

North Port is conveniently located in Sarasota County between Tampa and Fort Myers.  Originally developed by the Mackle Family through the General Development Corporation, this community is one to take notice of.

Merely a hop, skip, and a jump from the Gulf of Mexico.  We all know what that means.  Some people want the beach, some want the sun, others the water.  Us?  We'll take them all.  Nature trails you ask?  We're talking about Florida here!  You can even go outside in December and not turn into an ice cube!  Always a plus.


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